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Light of two different wavelengths 4000 A0 and 6000 A0 is incident on two identical slits, the slit separation being 0.1 mm. A screen is kept at a distance of 2m (see figure). V V VY. If A is the areal velocity of a planet of mass M, its angular momentum is 1) A2M 2) AM2 3) 2MA 4) MA 16. Two identical particles move towards each other with velocity 2V and V, respectively. Then the velocity of the centre of mass is V V 1) V 2) 3) 4) zero 2 3 17. A body weighs 63 N on the surface of the earth. How much will it weight at a height.

. aftermarket vr commodore parts. Two particles of mass 5 kg and 10 kg respectively are attached to the two ends of a rigid rod of length 1 m with negligible mass. The centre of mass of the system from the 5 kg particle is nearly at a distance of ...move towards each other under the action of their internal attraction. If their speeds are v and 2v at any instant, then the.

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13. Two identical particles move towards each other with velocity 2v and v respectively. The velocity of centre of mass is : (1) v (2) v/3 (3) v/2 (4) zero 14. The mass number of He is 4 and that for sulphur is 32. The radius of sulphur nuclei is larger than that of helium by (1) 8 (2) 4 (3) 2 (4) 8 15. According to Newton's law of cooling.

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Chapter 1: MEASUREMENT 1. The SI standard of time is based on: A. the daily rotation of the earth B. the frequency of light emitted by Kr86 C. the yearly revolution of the earth about the sun D. a precision pendulum clock E. none of these Ans: E 2. A nanosecond is: A. 109 s B. 10−9 s C. 10−10 s D. 10−10 s E. 10−12 Ans: B 3.

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Three identical masses are kept at the corners of an equilateral triangle ABC. A moves towards B with a velocity V, B moves towards C with velocity V, and C moves towards A with same velocity V. Then the velocity of center of mass of the system of particles is.

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In other inelastic collision, the velocities of the objects are reduced and they move away from each other. Velocities of colliding bodies after collision in 1- dimension. Let there be two bodies with masses m 1 and m 2 moving with velocity u 1 and u 2. They collide at an instant and acquire velocities v 1 and v 2 after the collision. Let the.

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